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  • Development & Publishing

    Like you, we’ve had our own ideas for great games for years. We now have the freedom to make them, and we promise that they’ll be extremely fun.
  • Funding Your Game

    If you’re a developer who has an idea for an amazing game and you just need a little help, contact us. We’ll see if we can help get your game out there.
  • Development For Hire

    Is your company looking to have a mobile game or app developed? We can help. With experienced, talented, scalable teams, we can handle any project.
  • About Us

    Slimstown Studios is a mobile gaming company whose mission is to make extremely fun, industry-changing games with a social emphasis. Led by video game industry veterans, the company develops, funds, and publishes internal and external products.
  • Contact Us

    Use our contact form or send us an email at: contact {at} slimstown {dot} com and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

  • Investors

    Slimstown Studios is funded by a private investment group. For more information, please email us or use our contact form and we will pass on your information.